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Fletcher Lynd is on the market in Bulgaria since 1993.

During the 30 years we have sent over 14 504 students to the US. They have spent over 2 630 000 days working in the states and  912 000 days in trips and travels around this interesting country.

During their stay they have made a minimum of 3 842 000 photos and have left behind their backs at least 16 210 880 work hours!!! There is no way to calculate exactly how many cocktails and beers were drunk and also the hours spent partying.

But lets not bother you with numbers any more, we just want to try and explain why it will be useful to travel with us for your summer work and travel program.

Fletcher Lynd and our American sponsor organization InterExchange work together in Bulgaria since 1993. It was us that sent the first ever students from Bulgaria to USA. This is something that a handful of companies can say and be proud of - 30 years of experience and with just one trusted American partner- InterExchange!

The Work and travel Program has been developed especially for all Bulgarian students in cooperation between Fletcher Lynd and our American Sponsor Organization- InterExchange. It is a program for cultural exchange Work and Travel, which gives you the opportunity to work for up to 4 month in USA during your summer vacation while getting to know the American way of live and culture. InterExchange will isue DS2019 in order to apply for J1 Visa for cultural exchange.


What are the requirements for Work and Travel 2024:


Our partners from InterExchange have found and chosen especially for Bulgarian students these attractive Work and Travel job offers in some of the best American resorts. All jobs are in hotels, motels, restaurants, fast food, amusement parks, supermarkets, golf and country clubs, souvenir and clothing shops etc.

The average hourly wage is about 12-17 $ hour.

InterExchange usually offers jobs to all participants for 5-6 days a week, for 6-8 hours per day. You will generally be working 35-40 hours a week.

You will also be provided housing at affordable monthly rent. The rent amount varies but they average at about 100-180 USD per week.

After your arrival in USA you can look for second or third additional jobs.

Our US Sponsor InterExchange has a special system for placement with employers, which allows you to apply for an unlimited number of positions, regions and employers that you have chosen. Through the new online system your documents will be considered for approval directly by the employers that you have chosen.

When you apply for FLETCHER LYND Work and Travel 2024 you fill the Online Application Form and than you will be able to choose as many as you want from the offers listed. After that the completed application will be sent to your employer for approval. 

You don’t have  to loose time at Job Fairs! Your selected job offer will be sent to you via email.

If you want to see our latest job offers for Work and Travel, which are presented at the bottom of the home page, just click here.

If you want to learn more about the regions and states where we can place you, just click here.

We are convinced that Fletcher Lynd is your best choice for WORK AND TRAVEL, because you can trust our 30 years of experience and proven job offers for the WORK AND TRAVEL 2024 program.

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