Self Placement Work and Travel

This program is ideal for every student that can find a job offer by themselves and wants to go on a WORK AND TRAVEL 2024

This program has been developed especially for Bulgarian students by Fletcher Lynd and in cooperation with our American sponsor organization - InterExchange. It is a cultural exchange WORK AND TRAVEL program that gives you the chance to work for four months in the USA during your summer break while getting to know and experience the American way of life, traditions and culture. The low price that we offer is affordable for more students with limited travel budgets thus giving a chance of participation in the WORK AND TRAVEL PROGRAM to a greater number of young people. InterExchange will isue DS2019 in order to apply for J1 Visa for cultural exchange.

What do you need in order to participate in the LOW COST WORK AND TRAVEL 2024

To be a full-time student regardless of the country you study in.


Fletcher Lynd and our American sponsor InterExchange operate in Bulgaria since 1993. We were the first agency to ever send a student on a WAT program from Bulgaria. This is something that a few agencies can be proud of - 30 years of experience and which is more with only one American partner - InterExchange!

We firmly believe, that we are your best choice for WORK AND TRAVEL, because you can trust our 30 years of experience and unbeatable price for our LOW COST WORK AND TRAVEL.

And one more thing


If you have problems finding a job offer, you can always count on us and choose one of ours at:

The price for LOW COST WAT includes:


Not included in the price:


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