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The Grocery Clerk assists with unloading the

grocery truck, parceling out the groceries to the shelves, leveling the

grocery shelves and checking for date rotation‹putting later expiration

dates in the back and closer expiration dates in the front of shelves. You

may have to perform these duties for both regular as well as frozen/dairy


Cashiers display a professional, pleasant attitude to all customers. Scan

customers selected items for purchase, provide purchase transactions, and

ensure proper handling of American currency, debit and credit card

purchases. This position requires excellent skills in English. This position

will provide the opportunity to work directly with the public and gain

skills in American customer service. Students may be expected to work in

other areas of the store as directed by management.





We are located right in the heart of Edgartown,

Massachusetts, which is on Martha's Vineyard -- a resort destination. The

store is less than a mile from the water. Beaches are right down the street

or within walking or biking distance. All summer activities are available to

employees. Employees can walk to stores or take the bus. There is no need

for car transportation. Cabs are available and are close by.



Availabale positions and payment:


If you choose this job offer, you travel to the airport, which is the closest one to your employer. InterExchange will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your employer, as well as instructions regarding the application process for a Social Security Number. InterExchange will secure access to an online orientation, where you can see the rules and also your rights and obligations during program period. 

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