California Parks Company



There’s no better place to work than for The California Parks Company. We operate park and hospitality

concessions at over twenty-four locations, including some of the most beautiful recreational areas in the

United States. We are always looking for fun and friendly people who enjoy working with the public. Full-time,

part-time seasonal or year-round positions are available.

You’ll get to work in a fresh air environment at some of the most beautiful lakes and national parks in the

United States and most of our locations are within 4 hours of San Francisco, California.





Drakesbad Guest Ranch - Chester, California - 15 positions

Manzanita Lake Service Store - Lassen National Park, California - 6 positions

Lassen Cafe and Gift Shop - Mineral, California - 4 positions

Lake Camanche Resort - Ione, California - 6 positions

Lake Nacimiento - Bradley, California - 6 positions

Lake Hemet - Mountain Center, California - 6 positions

Silver Falls Lodge (Oregon) - Sublimity, Oregon - 6 positions

Shasta Recreation Company - Redding, California - 2 positions



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